Standard Consultation: €65

Extended Consultation pre-booked: €100

Consultation with bloods: €90

Student Consultation full-time
student with valid student card: €55

8 to 18 year old: €55

Under eight years with valid
medical or doctor visit card: free

Nurse consultation: €35

Blood test GP ordered: €35

Blood test consultant request: €50

Review consultation(same issue within 10 days): €40

Menopause consultation 1st(must be pre-booked): €85

Blood pressure monitor: €100

Driving licence medical medical card patient: €50

Private patient: €65

Ear syringe: €50

STI check consultation urine/swabs plus blood test: €100

Smear test 25 to 65 years free once registered with cervical check

Repeat prescription: €20

Contraception: Consultation FREE for females 17-31 years
We offer a broad range of care to all age groups